Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday postcard book

 Front cover

Back cover

As a Christmas gift Q had the first year of “If this is Thursday it must be postcards” privately published by Blurb.  Blurb is designed to publish directly from blog posts.  It was not proofread so there are a few errors.  I am not urging everyone to buy the book but since a few people have asked about getting a copy, the book is now available for purchase through Blurb by going to this link:

Q set up the “bookstore” to sell the books more or less at cost with just a small amount added to help defray expenses at this end.  The format and the number of pages determine the price per book with books printed on demand.  The cost is higher than I had hoped but because of the number of pages, the type of binding and paper plus all the illustrations there really was not much choice.  There are three different price levels, hardbound with shrink cover, hardbound with slipcover, and softcover (paperback).    I hope we can do a similar publication with the family history posts in the future.

It was a wonderful, thoughtful gift.  Digital media is great and allows the sharing of so much material but for a person who loves books to see the blog entries converted to a hardbound book was pure delight.   Thank you, Q (& Lou – I know you had some part in this too).

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