Monday, December 10, 2012

O Christmas Tree


Today with the help of the Gimlets I got a Christmas tree.  In past years we have always had a large tree, sometimes so large it needed to be cut off a bit to fit without poking a hole in the ceiling.  These big trees required that the heavy living room furniture be moved and now that Bopa is not here to help it seemed wiser to get a small tree and put it on top of an end table.   So this little tree came to the house today.  The cat is not the only one confused.

It only took one string of 35 lights and a fraction of my vast collection of ornaments but here is the finished product.  And, yes, I do realize that the top ornament is crooked.  It always is.  That has become a tradition of sorts so I don’t even try to straighten it any more.  

The cookies are in the tins.  The presents will soon be wrapped and under this little tree.  It is time to sing carols and wish all of you Merry Christmas!

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