Friday, November 4, 2016

Hurricane Hill

Parking area and visitor center

Sign pointing the way

On the return trip from Victoria, B.C., Canada in September we stopped on the Olympic Peninsula and took a hike at Hurricane Hill.  I had never been here before and it had been several years since Bob had done this one.  This is a very popular area with convenient parking.  The trail is wider than some in the woods and most of it is paved, wheel chair friendly, although it would be a lot of work to roll or push up parts of it.  On the way down we did meet a young man in a wheel chair who was propelling himself but also had a friend with him to help where necessary.

The day was sunny with fluffy clouds and cool enough to be a great day for hiking.  We saw deer, chipmunks, birds, butterflies, and a few flowers still in bloom.  

 Blue Bell of Scotland also known as Harebell

 Pearly Everlasting

Lots of people hiking on this nice wide open trail

 View along the way

 Autumn colors down below

 There it is not too far ahead, the summit

 We made it to the top!  Thanks to a couple we met from Arlington, Virginia we have this photo to prove it.  Turn about was fair play and we took pictures of them too.  We have met many nice people on hikes (and even some nice dogs--but no dogs are allowed on trails at this park). 

We found the marker at the top

Port Angeles is below in the center, Victoria, B.C. is across the water

There were lots of these little guys foraging for food

and finding something to eat

Butterfly in the grass

 Gray Jay posing on the sign

 There were several deer also finding things to eat.  They seemed almost oblivious to hikers and would cross the trail right in front of people.

Another beautiful day outdoors . . .

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