Monday, August 27, 2018

Hoypus Point, 2018

Entry sign

Among the other hikes we have taken recently was one to a place we had not gone to before, Hoypus Point, a natural forest area within the Deception Pass State Park.  The Discover Pass is required.  It has a network of trails that wind in and out of the forest.  Located on the water the parking lot is large, has a boat ramp and a newer restroom with flush toilets and warm water in the sink.  There is a small marina there as well.  

Beginning of the trail system

View from the bench

The trail starts out as part of an old road, now closed to motorized traffic. The branch we took ended at a beach with a bench where we sat and enjoyed the water view for a few moments before getting back into the woods.  

 There are signs at each junction to mark the way

All the joining paths are well marked and Bob had printed out a map so we could choose which way we wanted to go.  We elected to do a modified 5-mile round trip loop but could have just as easily meandered around on several different branches before heading back to the parking area.

 Big trees

"Hurry, take the picture, I can't hold this thing up much longer."

Giant Horse tails made us feel like we were in a prehistoric forest

There are large trees, horse tails as tall or taller than a person, and a downed tree across the trail that Bob stood under looking like he was holding it up.  There were not many flowers and we did not take many pictures.  In one section the trail parallels a private road with waterfront homes; however, most of the trails are far away from homes and noise.  One section had a very steep rise that would have been nicer as switchbacks.  The total vertical gain was approximately 600 ft.  This rated easy on our new scale.  Except for the very steep hill, and that could be avoided by taking another branch of the trail system, this would work with young children.

The count:  8 hikers, 3 dogs. 

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