Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Cockpit instrument panel of the C-123 –K Provider
[photo:  Jim Lawrence, 1989]

We drove to Salt Lake City in August to see Bob’s son and family and on the way we stopped at the Hill Air Force Base Museum near Ogden, Utah.  It was very hot the day we visited and many of the planes were on display outside so I needed to go inside to get out of the heat more often than Bob but we still managed to see almost everything and take a few pictures.  

Small section of the museum interior

The museum is part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program founded in 1981.  The current site of this museum dates from 1991 and has over 90 aircraft from around the world on display as well as other items of historical interest.   The museum has a monster B-52 bomber, guided missiles and a full-sized reproduction of the Wright Brothers first aircraft.  The displays are arranged in five different groups:  the Beginnings of Flight, World War II, Dawn of the Jet Age, The Cold War, and Keeping the Peace.  The museum also has a hands-on Learning Center where visitors of just about any age can try a flight simulator and learn or experiment with a variety of aviation related things such as propulsion methods, gyroscopes, centrifugal force and others.

Reproduced Wright Brothers aircraft

The postcard this week was found in the museum gift shop and shows the cockpit of the American military transport aircraft C-123.  A military transport both the U.S. Air Force and the Coast Guard used this plane for search and rescue missions.  It was also used during the Vietnam War to move equipment and men.   It sits low to the ground and had the advantage of being able to take off and land on rough ground and short fields. The plane is huge and has a ramp so vehicles can be driven into it.  It was used to transport President John F. Kennedy’s limousine during the Texas tour in 1963.  The photograph on the card is attributed to Jim Lawrence and dated 1989. 

 Each of the planes in the outdoor display had these information placards

 Two views of the C-123

Bob is the airplane enthusiast but once outside and walking around I admit to being impressed with the size of this plane.  The control panel shown on the card was a bonus since we could not go inside the plane.  It was great fun to find the postcard.

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