Sunday, March 13, 2016

UW campus cherry trees, 2016

UW Campus Cherry trees, 2016

Once a year this spectacular display of cherry blossoms in the Quad of the University of Washington campus brings out hundreds of people who just wander among the trees taking photos and admiring the beauty and resiliency of nature.   Today it was raining a little with promise of yet another monster windstorm but as the pictures show lots of folks were willing to brave the weather to catch a glimpse of this year’s full display of blossoms.  It will only be this magnificent for a few days, so if you are in the area, catch it while you can. 

 Under the trees

 Cherry blossoms

Also reaching peak bloom are the old magnolia trees by the School of Music building.  The flowers are among the largest magnolias I have seen and come in light and dark pink shades.  Spring is almost here!

Magnolia blossoms

One last look at this year's cherry trees in bloom

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