Friday, March 11, 2016

The miracle cat whisperer . . .

 "I know you are talking about me."

The time is drawing near to return TBS to the south house.  As mentioned earlier we have been dreading this event almost as much as she has.  And don’t kid yourself; of course she knows that there must be a return trip.  These events are never a one-way journey. 

After the broom under the bed chase into the carrier for the trip north, Bob said we needed to hire someone to move TBS back south and neither of us are looking forward to a repeat of the 3 week adjustment ordeal looming ahead.  A friend recommended Rose of Better Kitty as a possible solution to our return moving problems.  We called, Rose came for get-to-know-TBS visits on Tuesday and Thursday.  Next week sometime is our target move date.  Rose is amazing.  No screams, hissing, growling just mild curiosity on the first visit.  Today we were not so lucky.  Some unpleasant noises came through the door. We were advised to stay out of the room while Rose was re-establishing contact.  From the scuffling sounds, growls and howls I can only imagine what was going on behind closed doors.  But Rose emerged unconcerned and calm after a few more minutes with TBS.  

Following the first visit she instructed us to remove the small safe house table and the soft igloo hut and replace them with the thoroughly cleaned (disinfected and fear free) bottom part of the carrier that had been made into a “bed” with towels and a little pad that TBS likes to sleep on.  We did this.  A couple days later we put the top of the carrier in the room and tomorrow we will attach the top to the bottom and hope that the carrier becomes a welcome retreat and a replacement for the safe house that has mysteriously disappeared.  TBS is very smart and savvy; however, so I’m not sure we can pull this trick off.

The highly suspicious looking fear free welcome safe house crate in 2 pieces

It did not help much that we had a ferocious wind storm the night before the scheduled visit resulting in lots of tree branches and cones dropping on the roof scaring TBS to the point of trying to claw or clawless a way out of the guest room.  She did not feel up to eating because of the storm so all was not well for a whispery visit.  Nevertheless things went fairly well and Rose is confident that we can move her back south with a minimum amount of drama.  Stay tuned for the final report.

"You are saying that?  I know what that means, I looked it up."

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