Saturday, March 19, 2016

From Alcatraz to minimum security . . .

 "I'd like to file a complaint about unlawful confinement."

The six weeks of unlawful confinement without due process has ended.  Magic Rose the cat whisperer gave us a list of instructions that included removing the two chairs and all other items except the litter box and the now slightly less suspicious and fear free safe house carrier in the guest room of the north house where TBS has been staying, here dubbed as Alcatraz.

When Rose arrived she asked for two towels.  We stayed outside the room as she entered the "cell" with one towel, shut the door and emerged a few noisy scuffling, growling, howling, and hissing moments later with TBS locked in the carrier.  Rose said all went very well, TBS only needed minimal encouragement, unfolding the towel and letting it sway a tiny bit as it was held, to persuade her to enter the safe house.  Since no other alternative existed with everything else removed it worked like a snap.  She then draped both towels over the carrier so TBS could not see out much like covering a bird cage, transported the carrier to her car and off we all went with Rose & TBS following us to the south house (hereafter referred to as the new house).  Sorry no pictures of the capture and transfer, there was just too much excitement and activity going on to take photos.

Once in the new house minimum security cell (the office), TBS was to be left to sulk on her own all the rest of the day and night.  No food or water since the night before and that should have been a clue that all was not right in the world. Once in the new/old quarters I filled her plate with favorite food and treats and closed the door.  Silence.  It was quiet until about 2 am when she began crying piteously at the door.  It was hard to do but we ignored the mews and kept to the plan, no visits until breakfast time.  Lots of howling when we first entered the room but we just went about the business of feeding her and cleaning the box then basically ignoring her.  She eventually quieted down and settled in even deigning to let us pet her a bit and sitting by my feet while I worked on the computer.  

"Is the coast clear?"

The familiar igloo and rug are now in their proper places under the desks in the office.  TBS can hide in the igloo or in back of it if she feels ill at ease.  She looks a little too large to fit inside the igloo but be not deceived she can easily fit in there and squeezes into the very back where it is almost impossible to see her.  This is going ever so much better than the trip north so far.  It looks like it may not take another 3 weeks to get her back to normal.   She can go out into other parts of the house as soon as she indicates she ready to do so.  The human servants are not totally forgiven yet but since they do provide the food and clean the box the outcome is promising.

Pay no attention to cat behind the curtain . . .

We cannot heap enough praise on Rose who is absolutely wonderful with cats, especially difficult cats like ours.  Not only did she accomplish this move with hardly any drama she offered helpful suggestions for dealing with our much loved but extremely complicated pet.  

Late bulletin, TBS has ventured out into the hallway and is exploring the rest of the house!  Free at last, free at last . . .

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