Saturday, March 8, 2014

Edmonds Waterfront Park

Following several days of pouring rain it was wonderful to have a dry, sunny day to get outside for a walk.  We have walked along the Edmonds Waterfront Park before but it had been a while so it seemed the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

The park is really a strip of beach, metal bridges and walkways along the shore.  There is a large marina, dry dock and breakwater incorporated into the park too.  The Edmonds ferry terminal interrupts the park for a short space and then the walkway continues to the north.  We went as far as the end of the southern path but stopped just short of the terminal.  It was fun to look at all the beautiful sailboats and cruisers in the marina.  The boats in dry dock on the tiers are loaded up with a forklift then taken down in the same manner, put on a boat elevator to be lowered into the water.  The sailboats have deep keels and tall masts so they are moored in the water.

There are several pieces of public art along the walkway too.

This fish sculpture turns in the wind.  The fish are black when facing one direction and silver when turned the opposite way.

Young seal taking a sunbath

 Harbor seals frequent this area.  We saw two live young seals dozing on a float and bronze sculptures of seals on the sidewalk.

Bronze Limpet shells decorated the raised bulkhead

This next sculpture reminded me of the “Waiting for the Interurban” in Fremont.  It shows people looking out to sea and even includes the ever present seagulls.

Even the manhole cover looked like a shell . . .

There were flower boxes too with miniature daffodils in bloom

We watched a ferry come in at the dock then turned around and started back to the car.

The end of a beautiful afternoon . . .

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