Friday, May 17, 2013

White River Rim

View of the river from the rim

Last week the hike was to Mud Mountain and the White River Rim trail near Enumclaw, Washington.  It is a park and has a big parking lot, two children's play areas, a nice, clean, flush toilet restroom (always a plus), and also a privy or outhouse about one mile from the trail head.  These details can be important when one is spending most of the day in the woods. 

There was a profusion of mostly tiny wildflowers in bloom, things like Lily of the Valley, Fringe Cup, False and Star Solomon’s Seal and others.  There were a few Salmon berry blossoms but also many berries had set already.  The Trilliums were finished blooming.  We saw, I think, 24 different kinds of flowers in bloom.  I took some photos but tried not to double up on those varieties that I have posted previously.  I am still learning the names of the plants, corrections are always welcome.  The day was just about perfect, mixed clouds and sunshine, not too warm, not much mud on the trail, and a river to sit by while eating lunch.   It was 5 miles round trip making it the longest hike to date for me to attempt.  We started out at 1300 feet and dropped down to about 1000 feet or less, thus the up hill elevation gain was approximately 300 feet.  Most of that was on the return trip after lunch so it felt like a lot more work than it really was.

Here are a few pictures --

 Fringe Cup

 Large leaf Aven

Lily of the Valley

 Hooker Fairy Bell

 Youth on Age

 Vanilla Leaf

 Twisted Stalk

Two large trees growing on a "nurse log" or downed tree stump.

 Foam flower

 Large or False Solomon's Seal

 Star Solomon's Seal

 Vine Maple

Bleeding Heart & Star Solomon's Seal

 Money Plant

 River Valley

 White River


Carpet of Lily of the Valley

Devil's Club with buds, almost ready to bloom

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