Thursday, May 2, 2013

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 89

 Woodland Park, Seattle, Washington, ca early 1900s

Published by Loman & Hanford Co. of Seattle the postcard this week features a view of Woodland Park located in the Phinney Ridge and Greenlake neighborhoods of Seattle.  The almost 91 acre property that now forms a public park and zoo was originally part of the estate of Guy C. Phinney a lumber mill owner and real estate developer.  After Phinney passed away in 1893 the property became available for a park.  The Omstead Brothers firm of Boston was hired in 1902 to design the city parks and that included what was to become Woodland Park. 

The park is split into two parts or sections.  The upper part is home to the Woodland Park Zoo while lower section has trails, picnic tables, a variety of sport areas, and a bike course.  Lower Woodland Park merges with Greenlake Park. 

The park has large trees and is home to various kinds of wildlife.  Animals such as many different species of birds, feral rabbits, Western Coyotes, squirrels, mountain beaver, turtles, and garter snakes. 

This was originally a black & white photo, taken by Ira Webster & Nelson Stevens photographers, which has been tinted to make a color picture and then reproduced for sale as a postcard.  During the years 1906 to 1943 Webster & Stevens were the official photographers for the Seattle Times newspaper.   They had a staff of 17 and took more than 60,000 pictures of Seattle and the Northwest.  Today their work has been preserved by the Museum of History and Industry. 

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