Friday, April 20, 2012

The "Lock Bridge" in Paris, France

 Some of the many padlocks on the bridge.

 Locks are now being attached to the opposite side of the bridge.

We returned home from France today and I am trying to stay awake long enough to go to bed at a normal time.  That is proving to be difficult because we had a 3:30 am wake-up call in Nice and it is now 5:00 am Nice time the next day but only 8:00 pm the same day we left Seattle time.  Rather than post strictly travel log style I’m going to mix some of that with a few of the pictures we took and stories we were told by our wonderful tour guide, Angelique. 

Near the beautiful old cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is a bridge over the Seine River that is called the “lock bridge” or “padlock bridge.”  Here is an abbreviated version of the story behind the bridge.  Some time ago a man fell in love with a beautiful woman.  He loved her so much he never wanted to be parted from her.  To keep her in Paris with him he took a padlock and wrote her name on the lock, tied a ribbon to the lock and then attached both to the bridge so that she could never leave him or leave Paris without him.  The story touched many other young lovers and soon one side of the bridge was covered in locks.  At first only that side of the bridge was covered now the opposite side is also being covered with the padlocks. 

A tiny corner of Notre Dame can be seen at the upper right.


Traveling with 40 teenagers, walking at a very brisk pace up and down hills and twisting cobblestone roads is not for the faint of heart.  Even with all the rich, unbelievably delicious French food we ate we probably lost a little weight.  

The two small photographs are courtesy of the Gimlet Gallery.

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