Thursday, December 22, 2011

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 18

Christmas postcard, ca 1900

Since it is only a few days before Christmas I thought I would slip this in as the Thursday postcard. The only writing on the reverse side says “ønskes af M.V.” [wishes of M.V.]. The card is not dated but appears to be from about 1900. It was probably sent much like the modern day Christmas cards and may have been put inside with a regular letter (now missing). It shows a not very realistic winter skiing scene complete with stabbur (storage building), snow, trees and a bird. Instead of the traditional flag on the building there is a broom! The long wooden skis each have three people—would that even be possible? No poles. Seems to me that long skis like these would be used for cross-country and would need poles. The character at the front left looks a bit like a julenisse [Santa]. He is holding onto what might be a beer stein as is the man at the end of the ski. The fellow in the middle is carrying a bottle, one presumes of spirits. The ladies are holding up pretzels and a sausage. They all appear to be dressed in generic national costumes and have very jolly looks on their faces. The printed greeting is the older version of--

God Jul (& Godt Nytt År!)
[Merry Christmas & Happy New Year]

The artist’s name at the lower left is Wilhelm Larsen and just under the greeting are the initials N.W.D. & S.

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