Wednesday, December 28, 2011

B's big quilt

Ready to start sewing

B asked for a quilt for Christmas. He doesn’t usually ask for things so I wanted to make one for him if possible. He wanted one big enough to wrap up in when he was sitting at his computer station at home and that meant approximately twin sized (or 11 six inch squares by 15 six in squares = 66” X 90”). That is a lot bigger than the 45” X 60” lap or baby quilts I normally put together. This was not going to be a three-hour project but more like a couple of days. He wanted earth tones and something warm. An added complication was that he was in the house doing the plumbing project while I needed to do the sewing and I didn’t want him to see the finished product before he opened the package on Christmas. But it all worked out and he didn’t know I had been working on it so he was a little surprised, I think.

Here are the fabric samples:

Bright yellow cat print fabric for the light contrast and because he likes cats

Manly wrench fabric for dark contrast

Green leaf batik pattern for the earthy warm tones

The overall pattern turned into a modified combination nine-patch/Irish chain when it was finished.

With a very warm flannel back in a large print that picked up the colors from the pieced front.

As with all my other quilts this one does not have any fancy stitch work, is just tied, and the only hand stitching is the hem along the edges. It is washable, warm, soft, and big enough so that B will be able to roll up it in and possibly do so with the new baby expected in February.

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