Saturday, February 6, 2016

On the road again . . .

Sweet memories of better days

The long awaited and dreaded day arrived on Tuesday of this week.  The Bride of Satan put on her traveling shoes with many protestations, howls, yowls, hisses, snorts and snarls. 

 The infamous crate of doom & terror

The once welcome feeding station (carrying crate) morphed into the cage of ill destiny even though it had been liberally sprayed with Feliway to aid in a calm and easy transition.  Not.  TBS had to be forcibly persuaded with a broom to vacate the safe dark space under the bed for the bars and confinement of the crate.  An inauspicious beginning.

 I see you

No soft music but high volume moans and howls serenaded us as we proceeded the 8 miles from the south house to the north house.  Locked in the guest room of the north house she resorted to a 2-day hunger strike accompanied by many loud sounds every time the door was opened to see how she was doing.  Soft words of encouragement and loving concern by the humans met with more snarls, snorts and screams.  She spurns the soft brown igloo house that she has been using at the south house as a retreat during noisy construction phases. The tiny space behind a small end table has to suffice for the safe house.  Cat advisers (friends and vets) have told us it may take two weeks or more for her to calm down.  Great!  Just in time to move her back to the south house.

 Don't talk to me about it

She will remain confined to the guest room for the duration of the stay.  Lights out at 10 pm.  How we will transport her back to the south house once the painting and floor refinishing are completed is a mystery.  As of this moment we are considering hiring the at home vet service to do the job for us (no matter what the cost).  

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