Saturday, October 18, 2014

Talapus Lake

We have taken a couple of hikes since the city waterfall and fountain walk.  The first one was to Talapus Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness near Snoqualmie Pass.  This was about a 4 mile round trip with a 750 foot elevation gain through forest to a beautiful lake. 

It is possible to continue on the trail for several more miles encountering other lakes but 4 miles has been about my limit so we stopped at Talapus Lake, had lunch, and then returned to the trailhead. 

The trail is mostly nice packed dirt and in places there are boardwalks over what will be marshy ground during the rainy season. 

In one place we had to climb over a downed tree and in a couple of other places it was open space enough we had to look carefully to make sure we were still on a trail.  Notice Bob's lederhosen and alpine hat, perfect attire for a hike anywhere not just in Austria.

New logs had been hauled in and stacked up make much-needed repairs to creek crossings.  The bridges were slick because they were wet and some had gaps that would have been scary if the drop had been deeper and the water running higher.

Lots of mushrooms, some autumn colors on the hillsides, and still some water in the creeks.  The weather was good in the mountains the day we did this hike. 

We stopped at Boehm’s Candy store in Issaquah on the way home and loaded up on chocolate covered marzipan.

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