Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gold Creek Trail

Gold Creek Trail

These pictures are from the Gold Creek Trail, the most recent hike, near Snoqualmie Pass.  About halfway up the trail enters the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  Gold Pond along this trail was one of the first places we hiked to when Bob was healing from his broken leg a year ago.  It is also one of the places selected as a Mountaineer cross-country ski trip when I was taking lessons last winter.  

The first section of the trail is an old logging road so it is wide and fairly even.  It is a pretty area and not much elevation gain but the trail is very rocky in places and we ended up going 6.2 miles round trip.  The trail condition and the distance pushed me from an “easy” or “very easy” hike to the moderate category. 

As we hoped there was more color on the hills.  Although we expected rain it stayed nice all day.  We heard birds, saw chipmunks, heard picas, and found plenty of mushrooms again.  

 Aside from some hardy Pearly everlasting we only saw a couple of other flowers still in the last stages of bloom until we came upon this little blue flower (as yet unidentified).  

Lunch by the creek with no other people around was peaceful and quiet. 

As we returned to the parking area we passed by Gold Pond but did not stop to see if there were migrating birds there.  

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