Thursday, June 6, 2013

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 94


The charming postcard shown above was published by Eneret M. (Mittet) & Company, Norway.   The title says “Kariolskyds” or cart ride in English and shows a man and a woman dressed in the local bunad.  It does not indicate which area of Norway but from the basic style of the costume it may be from Hordaland near Bergen.  A Fjord horse is pulling the cart.  This looks to date from the early 1900s and appears to be a watercolor painting rather than a tinted black & white photograph.  The back of the card was reserved for the address while a small space on the front was available for a short message.

Mittet & Co. or Mittet & sons was a well-known publisher of postcards and other materials.  As I tried to find something out about Eneret M. or Eneret Mittet I noticed that several Mittet postcards carry this name.  They published thousands of cards, however, not all of the cards bear the name Eneret M.  I could not find anything specific about Eneret.   If any readers know more about Eneret it would be nice to hear from you. 

Mittet is the name of a small village in the Rauma district of More og Romsdal, Norway.  It has a population of approximately 150 people and is located on Langfjorden. 


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