Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Deception Falls

 Deception Falls

 On the way home from the Chiwaukum hike we stopped at Deception Falls.   The falls are near a rest stop that is usually open from May through September but was closed June 3 much to our surprise.  The falls can be viewed close up by going down about two dozen steps, crossing a bridge over the rushing water, and then climbing up more stairs to a viewing platform.  The water drops about 94 feet and is most impressive at this time of year when the flow is approximately at its maximum.  Later in the season the amount of water lessens and the falls are not as impressive.   The day was warm to hot, the spray from the falls cool and refreshing and the sound of the rushing torrent of water wonderful.  A red current bush with beautiful flowers completed the picture. 

 Water from the falls moving down the river

 Bob on the bridge over the river

Red Current

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