Thursday, March 28, 2013

What happened to Ingeborg, Update

Graslia, Vest Agder, Norway

This photo of the cover of the 2012 Vennesla Historielag appeared in the blog on 27 January 2013.  After the post went out Rune Jensen sent me another email explaining that this image is of Graslia and shows the house he grew up in.  His parents still live there.  It is the third house from the right in the row by the large barracks across the river. 

Olaug & Mikal

He was also able to provide the identities of these two people in the snow trench as his grandparents Olaug and Mikal not Ingeborg and Olav as I had thought they might be.

Thank you so much, Rune, for sending the additional information.  I am always very pleased to put more of the pieces together and get the names and places figured out correctly.

All the photos are from the Vennesla Historielag.

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