Friday, October 19, 2012

Postcard Thursday, 61, Skotfoss, update

Here is a little more information about the Skotfoss Church, Skien, Telemark, Norway and a couple additional photos that Rune Jensen sent after he saw yesterday’s post.  The picture above shows the interior of the church as it was in 1901 shortly after completion.  It is very beautiful inside.

The ceiling is painted is soft ocher with rust brown and gray green.  This Flckr image shows the detailed design.

Skotfoss ceiling detail
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An unusual thing about the exterior of the church is that it was originally painted ocher-yellow.  It wasn’t until 1924 that the church was painted white.  I think almost all the wooden churches in Norway that I have seen pictures of are either natural treated wood like the Stave Churches or painted white so this one was very different.  The church was later painted antique white with beige poles and frames in 1987.  The doors were painted green.  Chandeliers and sconces were added in 1948, a new organ was installed in 1963 and there were also minor changes to the interior in 1991, a few pews removed and tables placed at the rear.  Seating capacity is 500.  The altar painting is by J. Nortvig and shows the woman at Jesus' feet.  Local carpenters and artisans did all the work on Skotfoss church.  

Here is a view of the exterior of Skotfoss church from a different angle as it appears today.  One of the notes that accompanied the picture said that the site was donated by the Canal Board.  An extraordinary gift.

Skotfoss Church
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Thank you, Rune, for sharing these photos and the additional information about Skotfoss Church.

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