Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh the ribbons, the pretty ribbons . . .

Today was the opening day of the Puyallup Fair.  Mrs. Gimlet was most anxious and a bit nervous also to see how the christening gown was judged.

The results?  See for yourself—

First Place, Best in Category, Reserve Grand Champion

Opening day of the Fair can be super crowded, as it was today, hot, also as it was today, long lines, again as it was today, but it was worth it to see those pretty ribbons.  We didn’t get scones because the line was about two blocks long (a very slight exaggeration) but we did get strawberry milk shakes and cow chip cookies (giant chocolate chip cookies) and that was just fine.

Lace open work display

It was difficult to find time to take a photo when there were not lots of people crowded around.  In the picture above you can see one of the open work lace display cabinets with the christening gown at the left near the jams and jellies.  This floor of the exhibition hall has handwork, artwork, jams and jellies, sewing, and other homemade articles.  Handmade quilts are hung from the ceiling.  There are literally hundreds of quilts.  The lacework category included knitted items, tatting, Hardanger, and just about any other kind of open work.  The Puyallup Fair (Western Washington State Fair) is the largest one in Washington State and I think may be one of the largest fairs in all the United States.  To win a prize ribbon here is very hard to do.  Congrats to Mrs. Gimlet! 

Christening gown & prize ribbons

While we were enjoying strawberry milk shakes a couple of flower people walked by on their tall, tall stilts.  Their faces were painted pale green and their arms and legs were covered to look like leaves and stems.  They were graceful and fun to watch as they moved slowly through the huge crowds of people taking time to bend and bow just as real flowers do.

 Two flower people on stilts

Flower lady on stilts

Flower people walking through the crowd

We will go back one more time before the Fair closes to look at all the exhibits, get chocolate milk from the Milk Barn and scones.  Today was all about those impressive prize ribbons . . .

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