Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beware of the Rug Anniversary

 Orchids, Volunteer Park Conservatory

I just realized that the blog had its one-year anniversary on 11 August.  Thanks to all of you who have visited and contacted me with additional stories, photos, comments, and connections.  I appreciate hearing from everyone.

I started writing and posting things here mainly to share family history, postcards and photos that I thought extended family members might enjoy.  It didn’t really occur to me that others would stop by and visit as well but they have.  There have been visits from many different countries and over 12,500 page views or slightly more than 1,000 views per month.  That amazed me.  I hope you have found some interesting things here and will continue to look in from time to time.  A modest little blog that helped me get through a year of grieving for the loss of my sweet husband has turned into an almost full time rewarding experience.  I’ve met several new “cousins” and made some new friends too. 

The blog would never have come into being without the help of my daughter who got me started, did the layout, and showed me how to do a tiny bit of editing of the code.  I cannot thank her enough for all the many, many things she has done to help me this past year and not just with the blog.  Also my sons who keep in close touch and help with all sorts of things too.  Papa is smiling down on all of you from heaven.

Thank you everyone!

New beware of the rug--visual and aural slips: 

Piracy is not a victimless crime became Privacy is not a victimless crime.

She doesn’t have any claws, her teeth are small and blunt became She doesn’t have any flaws; her feet are small and blunt. 

Put the pouch on a plastic tray before microwaving became Put the pouch on a magic tray before microwaving.

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