Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tales from Gåseflå -- Gunnie Osmund

 Gunnie Osmun, ca 1911

After I posted the story about Gunnie Osmun I received a note from Inger Frøysaa whose father, Mikal, was Gunnie's half-brother.  Inger said she remembered a story told about Gunnie.  When she was a girl, before she left Norway, Gunnie was called Bitta (little girl) because she was so small and tiny when she was born.  The family story was that they spoke of her weighing about 800 gr. or approximately 2 lbs.  She was put in a shoebox filled with cotton and placed near the fireplace.  As is usually the case with oral history it really isn't possible to prove all the details.  

After this story was told Inger's father always said "And she got to be the strongest of them all."  Her mother, Randi, was a strong woman too.  After the birth she went back to the fields to finish her work. 

Thank you, Inger, it is always nice to add some family history stories!

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