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Kari Mikalsdatter Hornnes, 1898
[photo courtesy of Alf Georg Kjetså]

Update for Kari Mikalsdatter Hornnes.

After the post about Kari went up yesterday, I received an e-mail from Bjørn Arnhaug with some additional information about her and her family.

Bjørn did find the family listed on the 1910 Norwegian census all living together at Fagerheim in Oddernæs, Vest Agder. I’m not sure why Kari’s husband, Hans G. Mosby was listed in two places for that census but perhaps he was temporarily living at Valle in Froland due to his employment with the railway.

He was also able to confirm the date of death for Kari as 1 January 1913 at Mosby, Oddernes with burial listed as 9 January 1913. The cause of death is given as TB.

The children:

1. Gunvald Hansen born 2 October 1898 and confirmed 5 October 1913. There is a Gunvald Hansen who was born on that date and died in Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, June 1985. Lil Anna says in one of her letters that she had a nephew living in Florida but she did not name him. Could this be Kari’s son?
2. Agnes Hansdatter born 30 September 1900, died 7 May 1922 at Mosby, Vest Agder, burial 13 May 1922, cause of death TB.
3. Gudrun Hansdatter born 12 Novembr 1902 at Mosby, died 2 June 1916 at Bakken on Mosby, Vest Agder, burial 8 June 1916, cause of death brain inflammation
4. Mikal Hansen born 4 February 1905 in Røiknes in Hægeland, died 29 Jul 1974, burial 2 August 1974.
5. Aagot Hansdatter born 27 August 1907 in Røiknes in Hægeland. Nothing further to add.
6. Haakon Kristian Hansen born 29 September 1910 at Mosby in Oddernes, died 18 January 1912, burial 26 January 1912, cause of death brain inflammation
7. Hildur Konstanse Hansdatter born 5 February 1912 at Mosby, died 5 December 1912, burial 11 December 1912, cause of death brain inflammation

Kari’s husband, Hans Gunvaldsen died 17 Jun 1959. He was buried with Berthine Gunvaldsen Bakken born 9 Jun 1906 and died 30 July 1977. Since Kari died in 1913 Berthine may possibly be a second wife. If she is a second wife I doubt they could have been married much before 1926 when she would have been 20 years old. Hans would have been 56. We will keep checking on this and post any new information, as it is uncovered. If anyone knows what the “brain inflammation” might have meant or what caused it, it would nice to have that information.

These additional facts came from the Norwegian and DIS gravsteinsminner. I want to thank Bjørn for sharing all he gleaned. It is much appreciated and helps fill in the gaps and answers some questions.


Playhouse, 1945

Update for
Thursday postcards #26.

I mentioned that my Dad had built a children’s playhouse. I did find a picture of the playhouse and thought some of you might like to see it. It won a prize in a contest for best child play additions to a yard in 1945. The interior had a main room paneled in knotty pine with cupboards above and below the windows. The kitchen area had a counter and cupboards for toy dishes and a sink. It did have electricity but no running water as my parents didn't think making mud pies in the kitchen was a good idea. On the backside of the house was a large garden closet where we stored the tools, shovels, rakes and lawn mower. My mother painted flowers similar to rosemaling all along the eaves and the window boxes. I think she also planted flowers in the window boxes during the summers. It is hard to tell the size from the picture but it wasn't very large. An adult would have to stoop to get in through the door but could stand up once inside. Perfect for children but would be crowded with more than four or five inside. I can remember having hot chocolate in tiny cups in the kitchen area that had a bench and a built in table that could seat four.


Marie Mikalsdatter Hornnes
[photo courtesy of Alf Georg Kjetså]

Update for Marie Mikalsdatter Hornnes

Since I originally posted this I have found that Martin Espetveit married Anna Olsdatter Dåsvand who was born 1898 and died the same year as Martin (1973). They had two daughters Klara Marie Espetveit and Agnes Espetveit. Thanks to Inger Frøysaa who sent an e-mail with the information about Martin's second daughter.

Lily married a second time to Gunvald Heien Jonsgård following the death of her first husband Rolf Norman Jakobsen.


(Store) Anna Mikalsdatter Hornnes, ca 1908

Update for (Store) Anna Mikalsdatter Hornnes (Gåseflå)

Inger Frøysaa sent this e-mail note about her grandmother and the connection between Gåseflå and Engestøl.

"The connection between Hornnes and Engestøl.

"Gunhild Olsdtr.Engestøl (1873) married Torkel Mikalson Hornnes (1871).
Gunhild had a brother,Tellef. He was the father of,among others, Knut 1902)Gunhild is therefore aunt of Knut.
Knut is my mothers( Betzy Landsverk) 1.husband and father to my 2 halfbrothers. Knut died 1937.The twins ( Tellef og Olaf) were 6 mnd.old.
Torkel bought Søndre Engestøl and lived there until Gunhild died in 1905.
Torkel is brother of Anna Gåseflå My grandmother and therefore uncle of Mikal (1896) my mothers 2. husband and of course father of me and my sister Anna. Mikal died in 1966 in a accident.


Thanks for sending this, Inger.

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