Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blog update, Didrik Andreas Thomsen

Didrik Andreas Thomsen

I have been calling Didrik Andreas Thomsen an artist and we do know that he was an artist of sorts at least part of the time because we have physical evidence of his work in the form of a couple of portraits, however, he wasn’t one by profession after all. With the help and interest of extended family in Norway we are learning a bit more about him. He was a house painter and also worked for a furniture manufacturing company. Family lore says he painted some murals in Bergen but perhaps he just painted some walls. When I noticed the occupational notation on the census records saying he was a painter and put it together with the family stories that he was an artist it wasn’t too much of a jump to think that he was a painter in the artist sense of the word. It is very interesting to see how things unfold. Sometimes I think it is like that children’s game where a whisper goes around the circle and ends up being something entirely different than it started out to be.

I appreciate the corrections and additions to the posts because the main objective of all this is to get our history as complete and accurate as possible.


  1. Since the family was separated into two groups - those in the USA and those in Norway - it's not surprising that the family stories would change over time. Your blog is a great way for these family groups to reconnect and put the pieces of our collective family history back together! :)

  2. It has been approximately 100 years and that compounds the problems of accuracy. I am really pleased to put the pieces together. Thanks for your comment.