Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anna and Axel, courtship pictures

Anna and Axel, ca 1909

I knew I had seen some courtship photographs of Anna and Axel but I couldn't find them in time for the post "Anna Hornnes, 1908 and Beyond." Here is one where they are sitting on a park bench. Notice the way their fingers are touching. Sweet.

And this one--
Anna has a small stick is she going to poke him?

Axel and Anna ca 1909/1910

They went out in canoes but Anna was in one boat and Axel was in another.

Axel in a canoe with two women. Anna is in a different canoe with another man! Shocking. [Wait, it might be Axel it's hard to tell from this angle and the pictures are not very sharp but he is usually wearing a suit coat and a hat.]

Axel and Anna on the back steps of their home as newlyweds, ca 1912.

One thing that struck me was that they were so dressed up when they went out together, even when they went out in the canoe. Times have certainly changed.

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