Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thanks for the Beware of the Rug both of them

Doesn’t the blog look great? There wouldn’t be one at all without the Gimlet Tech support and all I had to do was feed her and heap lots of thanks too. In addition to her own blogs (Gimlet blog and Sinister Craftiness) and web page (Solitary Elegance) she has recently designed a web page for Christopher Robin Learning Center. They are all wonderful! Thanks so much, I really could not have done it all by myself.

Finally, stealing a beware of the rug from Gimlet blog and my grandson--when we went to get take out he asked what kind of toy he would get with his meal. When his mother told him a Smurf figure there was a pause and then the little voice piped up in question

“Smurf finger?”

And that is why, Mrs. Gimlet said, the chicken pieces are blue.

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  1. Thank you! This has been fun, and all the Smurf fingers I can eat ... such a deal. :)