Friday, May 5, 2017

Middle Fork Snoqualmie 2017, prequel

Since our October 2016 hike to Middle Fork Snoqualmie was mentioned in the Middle Fork Snoqualmie, 2017 post, but it did not get separate billing at the time, I thought perhaps an explanation might be helpful. 

The October hike was one of the later hikes of the season and the trail was extremely muddy.  WTA crews were hard at work improving and making repairs to the trail.  Part of the large parking area at the trailhead was being used as the pad for a helicopter and there were stacks of supplies ready to transport to selected sites along the trail.  We encountered several stacks of wood as well as gravel piles.  

Three members of the WTA crew and a nice new bridge over a creek. 

One usually expects the forest trails to be quiet and peaceful with bird song and soft sounds of rushing river water or breezes through the trees but on that day the noise and wind from the chopper was all we could hear.   It was fascinating to see how the pilot could thread the load down through the large trees, 150 to 200 feet tall, to a small spot on the trail.  The waiting WTA crew ready to grab the cable and unhook the load once it was safely down.  

 That day we saw mostly mushrooms and mud. 

 Bright red berries

 Mushrooms growing near logs, on logs, and in the wet ground everywhere

Unusual deep purple blue mushroom

 Lots of squishy, wet mud everywhere . . .

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