Friday, May 26, 2017

Deception Pass, two short hikes, 2017

In addition to the regular signage this park has a map showing the entire area

Each time we have gone to Deception Pass to hike we have found wonderful flowers.  This time was no exception.  From a previous hike we knew there would be chocolate lilies in one certain location and if we timed it right we would find them in bloom.  Also the blue camas and white death camas bloom at approximately the same time as the lilies so we felt certain we would find them also.  Yes!   We went up to Goose Rock first and then drove to Rosario and walked a short loop near the Indian Maiden statue. 

The Goose Rock loop is steep either way.  We take the summit trail up to the top and the twisting, switchback perimeter trail that has views out to the water on the return.  Many folks prefer to do the perimeter route up and the summit trail down but it doesn't really matter.  Big hits besides the flowers were 9 eagles flying overhead and calling to one another and two little bunnies munching grass near the Indian Maiden statue at Rosario.

 View from Goose Rock looking toward the Whidbey Island Naval Base

Field Chickweed

 Death Camas -- looks a little like a miniature Bear Grass

 Both kinds of Camas growing in the field


 Naked Broomrake

Chocolate Lilies  --  We saw dozens of these, more than we have ever found before



 Indian Paintbrush


 Sea Blush

 Indian Maiden Statute at Rosario

 Warning is because there is no fence on the cliff edge


In the morning at Goose Rock we saw 8 hikers and one dog.  In the afternoon at Rosario we saw 10 people and 4 dogs. This cute little pooch was friendly, well behaved and even posed for a photo while we visited with his owner who was taking photos of flowers as we were also doing.

 Madrona trees

 Bob taking photos

 Prostate Lupine and Vetch

 As we came down we saw people fishing from the dock

and kayaks going out into the bay

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