Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Invasion of the honey snatchers . . .

Invasion of the honey snatchers . . .

A couple of days ago Bob noticed a very tiny insect in the kitchen.  It was quickly dispatched.  This morning he called me to come downstairs pronto as the kitchen and dining area had been invaded by a great black horde of these same tiny insects. Upon closer observation we determined they were very tiny black ants.  Under the fridge, on the counter, crawling all over the floor, long lines going back and forth toward the sliding glass doors that lead outside. 

We swept, sprayed, crushed, and wiped everything down then left to go south to check the floors, open the windows to air out the house, and talk with the contractor.   When we got back north we found a few stragglers wandering around in the kitchen, confused by the lack of a trail and dizzy from the ant spray.  They were also quickly taken care of.  But alas, our lovely European honey in a jar had been invaded.   At first I thought we could scrape out the ants and salvage the remaining honey but there were just too many joyous ants in the jar to save anything.  It was with much sadness and regret that we had to ditch the honey.   

For the next few days we will be diligent about spraying and watching so as to avoid a second invasion.  Of course, now that our prize honey is gone they might not come back anyway.  Since we have been on this low fat, low sugar, low salt diet there isn’t much left that an ant would love.

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