Thursday, May 28, 2015

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 196

 Sanremo, Italy, ca 1950s

When I found this postcard in a small nearby shop it immediately brought back memories of Nice, France so it was not surprising to notice that it is San Remo, or Sanremo, as it is written today, on the Italian Riviera located not that far away from Nice.  The stamp had been removed but part of the cancellation is legible.  The date is given as 30 September 1957.  Bromofoto of Milan, Italy produced the card.  Bromofoto was better known for producing postcards with mostly black and white portraits of movie stars and famous people, plenty of examples of which are still available and collectible.  What makes this card a little unusual is that it is a city scene instead.  On the reverse the title of the picture is given in Italian, French, English and German and reads in English:  “The Coast of Flowers, Empress Promenade.”

The tourist destination of Sanremo has a population of about 57,000 and hosts a number of cultural events including a Music Festival.  There is also a San Remo cycling classic.  Like many of other cities along the coast there are gambling casinos.  There is an annual poker tournament held here as part of the European Poker Tour.  The city is said to be the origin of the five-card stud poker variant called telesina.  In addition to tourism the production of extra virgin olive oil and the cultivation of flowers for  the international flower market of Sanremo aid the economy. 

The city dates from the early Middle Ages and in the past has been part of the Republic of Genoa, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Kingdom of Italy.  The name refers to Romulus of Genoa, the successor of Syrus of Genoa.  Modern folktales also refer to the name as a translation of “Saint Remo” a deceased Saint.  Sanremo is home to the International Institute of Humanitarian Law.

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