Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter walk in the Arboretum


It is hard to believe that it is still winter here in Seattle with the sun shining and temperatures hovering around 60 degrees F.   We took a walk in the Washington Park Arboretum and found many beautiful flowering trees and smaller plants in full bloom.  There is a winter garden in the Arboretum but some of those plants were past their prime bloom and had already started to fade even though it is not even the month of March yet.  The parking lots nearest the visitor center were all full so we drove a short distance down the road and found an almost empty lot next to an old footbridge, pictured above, that neither of us had ever crossed before.  By the time we finished our walk about 90 minutes later that lot was also full.  The gardens are large, however, so although we saw people it did not feel crowded.

Star Magnolias



In most parts of the United States Cyclamen is an indoor plant but here in Seattle it grows very well outdoors.



There are natural areas as well as planned and planted sections.  It all blends together.  It is pretty amazing to have this beautiful park right in the middle of a busy, large city and be able to feel like it is not in a city.

Flowering Cherry tree

 Smooth bark trees

 Toward the end of our walk we stopped at the "Lookout" before returning to the parking lot and home.  This would be a lovely spot for a picnic lunch--rain or no rain.

 Looking toward the northwest from the Lookout

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