Saturday, February 14, 2015

Leif Erickson monument, update

The Leif Ericksen statue and monument tribute to immigrants located at the Shilshole Marina near Golden Gardens in Seattle is pictured above.  The names of immigrants from Scandinavia appear on the plaques.  Earlier there was a post about the last plaque to be installed on the largest standing stone.  I had submitted the names of my father’s parents, Anna Hornnes Schroder and Axel William Schroder so it was with some excitement that I received notification that the plaque had been mounted.  Normally a woman would be listed by her maiden name but I wanted Axel and Anna to appear on the stone together so I used her married name instead.  The engraving shows the immigrant’s name, where they came from and the date they arrived in the United States. 

 As it turned out the plaque was too wide to install on the irregular surface of the large stone so it was mounted on the statue base instead.  A suggestion was made to have one or two smaller, narrower plaques installed on the large stone so there may still be time to add a few more names.  If this does turn out to be the case I may submit a couple more ancestors.

 The statue of Leif Erickson is set within a circle of standing stones.  Each stone has a carved design and all but the last and largest stone has at least one plaque with the names of Scandinavian immigrants.

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