Friday, May 2, 2014

Washington Park, Anacortes

Washington Park in Anacortes, Washington is one of the most beautiful spots to visit.  There are great views of Puget Sound, the islands, forested trails complete with wildlife and flowers everywhere at this time of year.  The top photo was taken down by the beach the second picture was taken at one of the viewing areas along the bluff.

Bob and I signed up for a naturalist course through the Mountaineers recently.  We have had the first lecture and the first field trip and wanted to see what we could find out in the woods.  During the class we will compile a list of 100 different things throughout the summer with graduation in September.  It is not required but I am trying to take photos of what we find and keep a little chart for myself as we go along.  

Here, not in any particular order, are some of the things we saw—

Douglas Red Squirrel

We have many Eastern Gray Squirrels in the city but these Douglas Squirrels are rusty colored, native to the area and not as common.  This little guy sat on the post and politely posed for a picture. 

Shooting Star

The Shooting Stars were growing in patches like the one above all along the hillside near the beach.

Coral Root just starting to bud out

Coral Root blossoms, close up

I think this is flowering Chickweed and Pink Thrift.

 White Fawn Lily

Close up of White Fawn Lily 

Calypso Orchid

Sea Blush

Death Camas

Camas bulbs are edible and look identical to the Death Camas bulbs that are poisonous.  The flowers are entirely different, with the Death Camas yellow-white and looking a bit like Bear Grass while the Camas is blue-purple and has separate larger blossoms.


Yellow Monkey Flower

Blue-eyed Mary

Happy Hiker’s annual potluck picnic

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