Friday, February 21, 2014

Skiing without falls . . .

 Cabin Creek Nordic ski area

This lovely wooded scene is from the Cabin Creek Nordic ski area near Hyak on Snoqualmie Pass.  Notice the nice cross-country ski tracks in the snow.  We were fortunate to arrive and start our day shortly after the grooming machine completed its cycle through the trails.   A couple of big storms came through recently and dumped lots of new snow in the mountains.  The temperature was just around freezing; there was light snowfall, and not many people on the trail.   As a beginner I feel a little like a menace to the more experienced skiers but with so few people it was perfect. 

There were a couple of snow cats at work.  This one was idle and Bob went over to get a better look at it.

The next photo shows the falling snow—all over him!

Cabin Creek is a very good place for beginners because it has an extensive “green” trail system as well as intermediate and more advanced areas.  The map at one intersection outlined the courses and pointed out where we were located on it.

The green routes are easiest; the blue/purple next in difficulty, and the red and black runs the most difficult.  We went about 3K, had a snack of cookies and water, and then returned.  I did not fall even once!  Wonderful.  The new Silver Fir Lodge at the alpine area had just opened so we stopped there to have our lunch before driving home. 

Lots more people and not just skiing but snowboarding too.  Even very little children were outfitted with boots and skis or snowboards.  There is a separate area for tubing and sledding. 

Only one more outing with the Mountaineers and I will have completed the cross-country ski class.  The easy green trails will be all I will try for quite a while yet.

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