Friday, December 13, 2013

Garden D'Lights



Garden D’Lights

Each year during the Christmas season the Bellevue Botanical Garden decorates with lights.  On a cold but clear evening we went to visit the Garden D’Lights and here are some of the things we saw.  The display was reduced in size this year due to a construction project for the new visitor center but it was beautiful and fun with lots of different things to look for like butterflies, frogs, geckos, a honey bear (Winnie the Pooh) and the spider, Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web, Frosty the Snowman plus many others.  Most evenings have a small fee and require a ticket for entry but there are a few free nights too so check the newspaper if you live locally.  The light show will last through December and into the first week of January.

 Honey Bear aka Winnie the Pooh




 More sunflowers

 Flowers & butterflies

Spider aka Charlotte of Charlotte's Web

 Poinsettia Tree

 Golden tree, pond & swan

 White & red tree

Flowers on an trellis

 Snowman aka Frosty the Snowman

Tree with icicle lights

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