Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tree huggers

We are extremely fortunate in the greater Seattle area to have a number of urban parks that allow city dwellers to step into the woods without having to drive miles and miles to do so.  One such park is located in Shoreline, Washington and is called Boeing Creek Park.  Originally the terrain made it difficult for logging so this parcel of land with its trees, creek and lake managed to escape the lumberjack’s saws during the days when so many of the old growth trees were cut down. 

There are at least two giant trees in the park.   We decided to give them hugs. 

A sign had been posted near these trees telling about the size and longevity of the Douglas Fir. 

There are several trails through the park woods.  One trail extends for 4 miles to the lake; however, we were just out for a stroll and did not go that far.  We did see the creek for which the park is named and enjoyed looking at a surprisingly large number and variety of wildflowers including Bed Straw, Foam Flower, Fringe Cup, Big/Large Leaf Aven and true wild or creeping vine Blackberries.  Two invasive plants, Scotch broom and Himalayan Blackberries were also plentiful.  I rather like the little pink flowers on the Stinky Bob plant but it is also a noxious weed and big clumps of it had been pulled out and piled along the trail for clean up.  Some of the salmon berries had already begun to turn color. 

Stinky Bob

Salmon berry

These Lupine flowers were attracting bumblebees.


From time to time I attempt to write a little poetry.  This poem was written a few years ago but it does seem to fit so I am sharing it.  No comments on the quality of the poetry, please.  This was written just for fun.

Old Trees 

There they stand
In a row
With long toes anchored
In the grass and dirt
Not quite ominous
Not quite friendly
Like a line of Ents
In a Tolkien myth.

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