Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A walk in the woods

Lower Twin Falls

Upper Twin Falls

Today was cloudy and cool but it was the day we planned to take a real hike in the woods instead of my usual up and over the city streets.  We went to Olallie State Park near North Bend, Washington and took the trail up to Twin Falls.  It is about 3 miles round trip but has switchbacks, some stairs and is fairly steep in places, up and down both going and coming back.  There are a couple of viewing areas.  The first viewing spot had two benches and a view of the lower falls from a distance.  The next stop we made was on the bridge across the river and was above the spectacular lower falls but close to one of the upper falls.  The last viewing area required climbing down 104 stairs to a platform to see the lower falls and, of course, the return trip up all 104 steps back to the normal trail.   The lower falls drop 150 feet down a cliff and are very beautiful.  This hike was more strenuous than I have done for a long time but after coming so far I was determined to do those stairs and get to the main viewing area.  It was well worth it.

The wildflowers were just barely starting to open.  In another few weeks or a month there should be plenty more to see.  But today we did see these:  Trilliums, Salmon Berries, violets, Skunk Cabbage, Oregon Grape and many different varieties of moss.  It looked like some native bleeding heart was popping up in places too but no flowers yet so we could not be sure that was what it was just by the leaves. 

Oregon Grape

Salmon Berry



Skunk Cabbage

Close up, Skunk Cabbage

Old Growth Tree

Moss covered branches

After we left the park we drove up to see the huge Snoqualmie Falls that drop 268 feet.  The viewing area around Snoqualmie Falls has been enhanced, has informative displays, and tables so we had our picnic lunch there.  It was a very nice walk in the woods day.

Snoqualmie Falls

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