Thursday, February 21, 2013

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 79

Norge. Fra Gaularfjellet

This color postcard of the Gaular mountain area in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway was published by Mittet.  The message on the card is dated 31 January 1955 and was sent to Petra Lee by the Lee’s friend Edward Olsen.  The picture shows a mountain scene with a cabin and outbuilding perched by a stream.  There is even a hint of a reflection in the quiet pool.


Sogn og Fjordane is the fylke or county just north of Bergen on the west coast of Norway.  The community of Gaular is often referred to as the land of waterfalls (Fosselandet).  Bordered by Askvoll and Førde to the north, Balestrand to the east, Høyanger on the south, and Fjaler to the west Gauler is located in the central part of the county.  The river flows west through the community emptying into the Dalsfjord.  The pictures I have seen of the Gaular River suggest that it is a moderate sized river.  In 1871 salmon stairs were completed along the river making them the oldest such stairs in the world.  There are 17 pools or stages for total of a 36 foot  (11 meter) change in elevation.   It seemed a bit odd to me but an Irishman, William T. Potts, initiated the fish ladder.  At the time the stairs were built an agreement with the local farmers was made to allow them 25 years of free fishing on this stretch of the river.  

This area is one of the designated tourist roads in Norway because of the waterfalls and picturesque scenery.  There are also several cultural attractions dating from the 19th century to present and the countryside has many typical western Norwegian farming communities.  There are hairpin turns on
the steep mountainsides from the top of Gaularfjellet to Vetlefjorden , winding roads and waterfalls. 

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The stamps are from the 1950s series and show King Haakon VII of Norway.   He became King in 1905 when the union with Sweden was dissolved.  King Haakon is the grandfather of the present King of Norway, Harald V.

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