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The maternal ancestors of Didrik Andreas Thomsen, part 2


Photo:  Didrik Andreas Thomsen as a young man

Please see the 24 July 2012 post for part 1 listing the maternal ancestors of Didrik Andreas Thomsen. 

Didrik’s mother was (I) Anne Didriksdatter the daughter of (II) Didrik Ånensen Dybvig (also spelled Djupvik) and (II) Gjertrud Marie Nilsdatter.  The previous post ended with Gjertrud’s parents, (III) Nils Tobias Pedersen Austad (born 1745) and (III) Anne Malene Jacobsdatter Nuland (born 1742 died 1782).  Today’s post begins with the parents of Nils Tobias Pedersen Austad. 

 [photo source:  Bygdebok for Nes Herred by Kaare S. Berg, p 119]

[photo source:  Bygdebok for Nes Herred by Kaare S. Berg, p. 20]

(IV) Peder Larsson Austad, born 1723 at Nes, Flekkefjord, Vest Agder, Norway the son of (V) Lars Pederson and Guri Jakobsdatter Osen.  Peder was married twice, first to Torborg Rasmusdatter Sunde who was the widow of Nils Ellingson Drangeid.  Torborg was born in 1712 the daughter of Rasmus Larsson Sunde and Todne Kristensdatter.  Peder and Torborg were married in 1744 at Nes.  Their children:

1.    * (III) Nils Tobias Pedersen, born 1745, inheritor of the farm
2.    Torborg, born 1748, died as a young child
3.    Lars, bron 1750, died as a young child
4.    Rasmus, born 1754, went to Holland in 1774, died unmarried, 1777
5.    Peder, born 1757, was living in Holland in 1777

Torborg Rasmusdatter Sunde died before 1765. 

Peder married second to Inger Hansdatter Lilledrange, born 1726, the daughter of Hans Tønneson Lilledrange and Anna Nilsdatter.  Inger Hansdatter was the widow of Tønnes Tjøstulfson lille Løyning a subdivision of Austad.  Their children:

1.    Tønnes, born 1765, died 1831
2.    Hans, born about 1768, inheritor
3.    Torborg, born about 1769, married Kornelius Korsmisson Netland

Inger died in 1775.   Peder was listed as lensmann or administrative official in 1770, he died in 1773.

(V) Lars Pederson, born about 1700 and died 1765, the son of (VI) Peder Larsson Gursli and Ingrid Pedersdatter.  Lars Pederson married first to Torborg Ånunsdatter Djupvik.  Torborg died 1737.  Their children:

1.    Marthe, born 1720, married Ole Ståleson Åsen
2.    * (IV) Peder born 1723, inheritor
3.    Helga, born 1729, married in 1755 to Sakarias Nilsson Ståby
4.    Anna, born 1733
5.    Birgitte, born 1737

Lars married second Siri Andersdatter from øvre Stølen in Herad, born 1685, died in 1755 at 70 years of age.  They did not have any children.

Lars married third to Guri Jakobsdatter Osen.  Their children:

1.    Jakob, born 1757, married Gjertrud Reidarsdatter Flikka
2.    Anne Berthe, born 1760, married 1787 Hans Hansson jr. Andabeløy
3.    Lars, born 1763

(VI) Peder Larsson Gursli, born 1670 and died 1728, the son of  (VII) Lauritz or Lars Jensson Hellesmark, Lund, and Ingrid Pedersdatter Gursli (no birth years given) who was the daughter of Peder Torgeirson Gursli, born 1622.   Peder married Helga Atlaksdatter Hove of Lund.  Peder is mentioned in Lund Bugdebok by Mehus; Kvinesdal Bydgdebok volume 1 by Årli, and Bygdebok for Nes Herred by Berg.  Peder and Helga had these children:

1.    * (V) Lars Pederson, born about 1700, inheritor
2.    Ingeborg, Pedersdatter,
3.    Ingrid
4.    Gjertrud, born 1709, married Oluf Osmundson Djubvik
5.    Birgitte

(VII)  Lauritz or Lars Jensson Hellesmark, born 1649, died 1728, married Ingrid Pedersdatter Gursli

(VIII)  Jens Lauritzon Hellesmark born 1616 died after 1700 married Bodil Lauritzdatter Bjerkreim the daughter of Lauritz Lauritzson Bjerkreim sokneprest in Lund, died 1640.

(IX)  Lauritz Knutson Øverland of Lund  (named 1635-45) married (given name not known) Jensdatter

(X) Jens Nilsson Hellesmark, (named in 1591)

(XI) Nils Hansson sokneprest in Lund, named in 1563, married Maren Jensdatter Hellesmark, named 1566-1590.

It is possible to also trace the extended additional female lines using Bygdebok for Nes Herred volumes 1-3 but I have only followed one direct line stemming from Didrik Andreas Thomsen’s mother’s mother, (II) Gjertrud Marie Nilsdatter.  Please see pp 120-127 of the aforementioned book series, volume 3.  At one time these farms were huge but over the years they were divided and re-divided until there were hundreds of small farms instead of the one large farm.  Austad had 116 divisions, Sunde had 360, Djupvik had 37, Nuland had 34.  I wasn’t able to tell if these divisions were larger than some of the others or if Djupvik and Nuland were just smaller areas in the first place.

Below are two maps.  The first one is a outline of the county or Fylke of Vest Agder, Norway and the second is a more detailed view of Nes Herred.  On the county map it is possible to see just how close this Thompson branch of the family was to the Hornnes branch.  It seems amazingly strange and wonderful that the descendants of these two families connected in America and probably never knew each other in Norway yet lived in fairly close proximity to each other.


Map of Vest Agder 
[source:  Genealogical Maps and Guide to Norwegian Parish Registers by Finn A. Thomsen]


More detailed map of Nes Herred, Flekkefjord, Vest Agder, Norway
   [source:  Bygdebok for Nes Herred, volume 1, by Kaare S. Berg]

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