Thursday, October 4, 2012

If this is Thursday it must be postcards, 59

 Østerbro Stadion, København, Danmark

 Reverse side of postcard

Axel Schroder received this card in January 1933 from Cathe Schroder as a thank you for Christmas and New Year greetings and reciprocal greetings back to Axel and his family.  Cathe’s handwriting is quite pretty.  It basically just wishes Axel and his family a good new year, thanks him for his long Christmas letter, mentions the new car and sends love and greetings to the family.  I think that is the general idea of the message but know I am missing parts of it.  If someone wants to translate the Danish for us that would be appreciated, as I am sure I didn’t get everything. 

The portal of the Østerbro stadion in København, Danmark on the postcard pictured above still exists but is no longer used as the entry.  The stadium was opened in 1912 and was the first sports stadium in the city.  The portal dates from 1926.  Both dates 1912 and 1926 are found in Roman numerals on the top portion of the entryway.  The original stadium architects were Arthur Wittmaack and William Hvalsøe.  It has been enlarged and revamped several times over the years since 1912 so that more sports fields could be added, dressing and changing rooms updated, additional grandstand seats, and clubhouse improvements could be made.  The stadium includes the outdoor facility for football (soccer) and five indoor venues for boxing, handball, table tennis (ping pong), martial arts and strength training.  In the basement there is equipment for weight lifting and general exercise. 

Several sculptures can be found on the stadium grounds including the two shown on the card.  “The Archer” by Ernst Moritz Geyger a German sculptor born in 1861 died in 1941 is mounted on a pedestal and centered in the entry on the postcard.  Geyger was a painter and etcher as well as a sculptor and the figure of the archer is prominent in his works.  Below is a close up of "The Archer."  For more information about Geyger see:

"The Archer" by Ernst Moritz Geyger

The second sculpture on the card is of three runners placed at the top of the entry.  It is titled “When the Target” and was created by Alfred Boucher a French sculptor born in 1850 and died in 1934.  There is a little more about Boucher at:

"When the target" by Alfred Boucher

For additional information:

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