Monday, September 3, 2012


 I have four granddaughters and four grandsons.  Wow, written out like that it seems like a lot!  Thing Two has lost three teeth so far, two on the bottom and one on top. Now Gamma has lost a tooth too.  He is 7 she is 6 ½ .  Don’t try to do the math they are obviously from different families.  Gamma’s tooth came out when she was asleep so no trauma at all.  No blood and gore, no endless wiggling, no string, no pliers.  Piece of cake.  Thing Two’s teeth (that is a tongue twister!) have involved much drama, tears and some amount of blood.  Bopa would have loved to get out his wicked pliers . . .

 Gamma – what happened to the tooth?
 [photo:  courtesy of Q & Lou]

Thing Two and his tooth—not missing in the bag . . .
[photo:  courtesy of the Gimlets]

My comment to Gamma's mom—No tooth, no swag, the tooth fairy doesn’t deal in credit.  Baby teeth with fillings are not even trade either.  Being the thrifty Scotsman that he was, Bopa kept the tooth fairy in close check.  Our tooth fairy handed out dimes, they were shiny dimes, but they were dimes when all the other kids got quarters or dollars.  I don't know, come to think of it there is something sort of magical about dimes.  Fond memories.

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