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Kari Mikalsdatter Hornnes , Update 2

 Hans G. Mosby-Bakken & Kari Mikalsdatter Hornnes
[photo:  courtesy of Alf Georg Kjetså]

Rune Jensen sent me a little bit more information about the family of Kari Mikalsdatter Hornnes born 1 May 1878 daughter of Mikal Alfsen Hornnes and Anne Gundersdatter Uleberg and her husband, Hans Gunvaldsen Mosby-Bakken.  Rune was able to find Kari’s death date:  1 January 1913 of Tuberculosis.  Hans was born 23 Sept 1870 and died 17 June 1959.  After Kari passed away it appears that he later married Berthine who was born 9 June 1906 and died 30 July 1977.  She was considerably younger than Hans so it is possible that there are additional children that we have not found yet.  I had not been able to locate the family on the 1910 Norwegian census but Rune discovered that the family had moved and was living in Oddernes at the time of the 1910 census, which is probably why they were difficult to find.  Right now it looks as if of the seven children of Kari and Hans—Gunvald, 1898-1985(?), Agnes, 1900-1922, Gudrun, 1902-1916, Mikal, 1905-1974, Ågot, 1907-?, Håkon, 1910-1912, and Hildur, 1912-1913—only Gunvald, Mikal and Ågot could have any descendants since the others either died young or did not marry.

Hans worked for the railroad, “sørlandsbannen,” that ran from Kristiansand in the south to Byglandsfjord in the north and also did some farming.  It was interesting to see that both Røyknes, where the family lived for a time, was an important train station opened in 1895 and Mosby where the family also lived had a train station that opened in 1905.  I like the old rail stations so I had hoped there might be a photo of Røyknes or Mosby but couldn’t find one. 

The son, Gunvald Hansen, born 2 October 1898 immigrated to America in 1935.  In her journal Lil Anna states that he was living in Florida.  We did find a Gundell or Gundvald living in Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida on the 1940 US Federal Census.  His wife is listed as Josephine with following children:  Owen D. Dillon age 19, Lois Dillon age 16, Joe Dillon age 14, Mellagean Dillon age 10, and Roy Dillon age 9.  The children appear to be Josephine’s children from a prior marriage.  Josephine and these children plus a few more children can be found on the World Family Tree as part of  If this is our Gunvald he died June 1985 in Tampa, Florida.  I did contact the person researching Josephine and her family but she does not think her Gundvald is the same man as ours.  She said she would do some more checking and get back to me.  Hansen is a fairly common name so this may turn out to be a false lead. 

The youngest child, Hildur Konstanse Hansen born 5 February 1912 died 5 December 1913 (previously listed as 5 December 1912). 

We know that another daughter, Ågot, born 27 August 1907 lived to adulthood and did marry but we have not found the date of her marriage, the name of her husband or if they had children.

Rune sent these photos of the gravestones for Hans G. & Berthine G. Bakken and Mikael Hansen and Toralf H. Bakken.

Gravestone for Hans G. Bakken & Berthine G. Bakken
[photo courtesy of Rune Jensen]

Gravestone for Mikael Hansen & Thoralf H. Bakken
[photo:  courtesy of Rune Jensen]

There will be another update for this branch of the family when more information is available.  Thanks to Rune for finding and sharing the information with us.

For more about Kari and her family please see the previous post for Kari Mikalsdatter Hornnes.

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