Monday, July 2, 2012

Robin's nest

 As anyone who lives here will tell you it is almost impossible to completely beat back all the foliage—it’s a jungle out there.  Our climate is temperate and wet most of the time so the plants grow with abandon more or less all year round.  Bopa was the pruner and since he passed away I haven’t done much pruning but Bee helps me a great deal and I leave a lot wild as I like the birds and other wild life that frequent my greenery.  The other day I made a wonderful discovery more or less by accident.  The bushes had grown down to the point that a heavy rain would bend the branches making getting to the car a wet, soggy chore so I got out the loppers and started hacking away. Can you see what I found?

A perfect little bird’s nest made from grass, twigs and mud.  No eggs inside and enough moss growing on the outside to suggest that might be a hold over from last year.  It even looked as if there was a woven lid of grass with which to cover the nest during a rainstorm. 

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