Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little taste of France at home --

Croissants, cookies, éclairs and more

I still have a few more posts to put up about the trip to France but I wanted to mention that our tour guide, Angelique, said the thing we would miss the most when we got home was the French food.  She was certainly right about that.  I fell in love with the food and not just the pastries heavenly as they are but also some of the main dishes we had for our dinners, like the poultry confit looking like a sausage but a chicken, goose, duck (?) leg boned and stuffed with pine nuts, herbs, and bread tasting like turkey served along side a soufflé of vegetables, or the things we stumbled upon for lunch, like the huge extra fluffy quiche or the open faced ham and cheese (I’m talking about brie or some other exotic cheese not just cheddar) sandwiches on thin toast served hot or cold, to say nothing of the hot chocolate, croissants, crepes and desserts.  Hmm, just thinking about it makes my mouth water, I think I may have to take another trip . . . Everything was wonderful. 

It is easy to find Italian restaurants here but I have found that there are places in Seattle that also specialize in French cuisine so since arriving back home I have been looking around for somewhere close by that I could try out.  Nothing has tasted quite the same but I am finding a few substitutes.  Curly and Bee stopped off at Le Fournil a bakery and café on Eastlake and brought back both almond and chocolate filled croissants—yummy.  Then I discovered that Metropolitan Market, within walking distance, has a nice bakery as part of their Deli.  When asked if I could take a couple of pictures the girl behind the counter said to go ahead, so I did.

Cakes, macaroons and other delights

Vegetables and fruits

All the foods, produce, cheeses, seafood, deli items are so attractively displayed at this market.  They even have things outside that reminded me of the markets along the sidewalks in Paris. 

The result . . .

Almond Croissant on Provence linen & Porsgrunn china

A little taste of France at home.

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