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Didrik Andreas Thomsen -- maternal ancestors

 Didrik Andreas Thomsen

Didrik Andreas Thomsen was born 23 June 1849 the son of Thomas Thomassen Kalstø and Anne Didriksdatter.  (I)Anne Didriksdatter was born and christened at Nes near Flekkefjord, Vest Agder, Norway on 30 November 1817.  She and Thomas Thomassen were married in Kopervik, Rogaland, Norway on 14 September 1843.  This post is about Anne's ancestors and the farms where they lived.  Anne is generation (I), her father & mother (II), grandfather & grandmother (III) and so forth.  There was an earlier post about Thomas Thomassen and his ancestors.

[photo:  Cover of Bygdebok for Nes Herred, 2 bind, 2 halvbind -- Vest Agder, Norway]

It is always difficult to put this type of thing together without a chart * showing a logical path to follow visually but I will try by separating the direct male line beginning with Anne’s father first and then branch out from the females.  Didrik’s mother Anne Didriksdatter had her roots in Nes Herred near Flekkefjord east and south of Kopervik then later her family moved to Kopervik. 

Anne’s parents were (II) Didrik Ånensen Dybvig, born about 1787 in Flekkefjord and Gjertrud Marie Neilsdatter Austad, born about 1777, the daughter of Neils Tobias Pedersen Austad and Anne Malene Jackobsdatter Nuland, in Nes, Flekkefjord.  Didrik and Gjertrud were married in Flekkefjord on 3 November 1806.  Their children were:

1.    Anders Didrichsen **, born 11 August 1807 in Flekkefjord
2.    Anne Malene Didrichsdatter, 12 March 1809 in Flekkefjord
3.    Neils Heinrich Didrichsen, 26 July 1812
4.    Didrich Didrichsen, 30 May 1816
5.    *  (I) Anne Didrichsdatter, 30 November 1817

[photo:  Bygdebok for Nes Herred, 2 bind, 2 halvbind, page 367]

The farm name Dybvig is also spelled Djupvik and is found on the census records from 1647 forward.  The bygdebok (community history) for Nes shows members of this family living at Djupvik as early as 1640.  The name is descriptive and in English it means a small deep bay.  Each large farm in Nes is divided into smaller farms so even though Djupvik is found as farm number 105 in the larger grouping the smaller units also have the sub-numbers 1 through 37.  Our ancestors lived on the farm with the sub-number 3.  Usually the oldest son would inherit the farm, therefore, it is possible that many generations of one family might remain living on any given farm. 

Didrik Ånensen’s father was

(III) Aanen Larsen d.y. [the younger] Dybvig, born 8 February 1733 in Sirdal, Vest Agder, Norway, married 7 March 1756 in Nes, Flekkefjord, Vest Agder, to Anne Staalesdatter Austad, born 1739, the daughter of Staale Larsson Meland and Karen Syvertsdatter Seland, in Sunde, Nes.  Their children were:

1.    Giertrud Aanensdatter, 1757
2.    Lars Aanensen, 1758
3.    Staale Aanensen, 1760
4.    Karen Aanensdatter, 1763
5.    Anders Aanensen, abt 1767
6.    Gjertrud Aanensdatter, 1768
7.    Hans Aanensen, 1772
8.    Ingeborg Aanensdatter, 1774
9.    Ingeborg Aanensdatter, 1776
10.    Anne Cathrin Aanensdatter, 3 May 1783
11.    *  (II) Didrik Aanensen, abt 1787

(III) Aanen Larsen d.y. died 10 November 1800.

(IV)  Lars Aanensen Dybvig born 1697 in Nes, married 1 January 1728 to Giertru Ellingsdatter Loga, born abt 1700, daughter of Elling Salvesen Loga and Martha Halvardsdatter Stordrange, in Nes.  Lars died 7 June 1743.  Their children were:

1.    Magnhild Larsdatter, born 1728
2.    Birgette Larsdatter, 1730
3.    * (III) Aanen Larsen d.y., 8 February 1733
4.    Martha Larsdatter, 1735
5.    Torbor Larsdatter, 1737
6.    Anders Larsen, 1742

(V) Ånen Larsen d.e. [the elder] Dybvig , born in Nes 1672, married Martha Toresdatter Djupvik the daughter of (VI) Tore Torkildsen Djupvik and Torborg Steinarsdatter Reppen Sande.  Their children were:

1.    * (IV) Lars Aanensen Dybvig, 1697
2.    Torborg Ånensdatter Dybvig
3.    Birgitte Kathrine Ånensdatter Dybvig
4.    Karen Ånensdatter Dybvig

(VI) Tore Torkildsen Djupvik was born at Nes in 1640.  His wife Torborg Steinarsdatter Reppen Sande died in 1694 at Nes.  They were married about 1665 at Nes.  Their children:

1.    Anders Toresen Djupvik, born 1666
2.    Ole Toresen Djupvik
3.    Torkild Toresen Djupvik
4.    Nils Toresen Djupvik
5.    * (V) Martha Toresdatter Djupvik
6.    Brynhild Toresdatter Djupvik
7.    Turid Toresdatter Djupvik
8.    Valborg Toresdatter Djupvik
9.    Karen Toresdatter Djupvik
10.    Kirsten Toresdatter Djupvik

Going back to (I) Anne Didriksdatter (above) and looking at her mother (II) Gjertrud Marie Neilsdatter Austad who was born about 1777 the daughter of  (III) Neils Tobias Pedersen Austad born 1745 and Anne Malene Jakobsdatter Nuland born 1744 both of Nes.  Anne Malene Jakobsdatter Nuland died in 1782 and Neils Tobias married again to Elen Olsdatter Reppen who was born in 1755 the daughter of Ole Olson Reppen and Astrid Tollaksdatter.  The children from the first marriage:

1.    Torborg, born about 1769, died 1847
2.    Jakob born 1772 “se nedenfor” inheritor
3.    Peder born about 1775
4.    * (II) Gjertrud Marie born 1777
5.    Lars born 1780
6.    Antonette, born 1782

Children from the second marriage:

1.    Anne Malene born 1785
2.    Inger Elisabeth born 1787
3.    Anna Berthe born 1791

The farm name Austad was written as Oudstad in 1594 earlier it was written as Aud- or Audastadir and still earlier as Aluistadum or Alvir, which could mean just about anything from fairyland to deserted or empty place.  Austad is first mentioned as a farm in 1328.  After the plague years of 1348-49 much of the previously farmed land was left vacant and deserted but it is such a pretty place I could easily see it being referred to as a fairyland or a place where elves dwelt.  It could even mean that it was the farm on the east side or the East Farm.  Perhaps one of our Norwegian “cousins” will help us figure it out.  Austad is listed as large farm division 102.

As of 1988 when the bygdebok was published there were 116 smaller farm divisions from what had been the original holding.  Nils [Neils] Tobias Pederson and his father, Peder Larsson, before him lived on the sub-division #16.  His grandfather, Lars Pederson, had owned #9 and then #16 so at least three generations had lived at #16.  Both Djupvik and Austad were once large pieces of property and look to have been very prosperous.  Austad had horses, pigs, goats, cows, sheep as well as crops. 

There are several pictures of the smaller units in the bygdebok but none of farm #16.  This one, below, shows farm #17 in the foreground and #19 to the left and provides an idea of what these smaller farms looked like.

[photo:  Bygdebok for Nes Herred, 2 bind, 2 halvbind, page 119]

To be continued . . .


•    *  I do use a genealogy program that has GEDCOM and puts everything into chart format and family group sheets but so far I have not been able to import it into the blog.
**  There was no standardized spelling so the names and places often are spelled various ways such as Didrik = Didrich, son = sen = sson, vig = vik, etc.

Sources:  Bygdebok for Nes Herred av Kaare S. Berg in 3 volumes
Norwegian digital archives, scanned church registers and census records:  http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read

Please let me know if there are obvious errors.  Thanks.

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