Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One month old


Can you believe she is one month old already? Curly tells us that this new sweet little granddaughter of mine will be nicknamed T-Bone for blogging purposes. T-Bone has reference to a children’s book character, a friend of Clifford the Big Red Dog. See Curly & Bee’s blog for the story (link on the side bar). We try to use nicknames on our family blogs for privacy reasons. Everybody within the family knows who is who and it is kind of fun to see what names pop up. I’m feeling pretty special tonight since I got to hold T-Bone and actually see her awake. Usually she is sound asleep when I visit but tonight she woke up before it was time for me to go home so I was quick and took these new pictures to share here. Isn’t she cute? You don’t really have to answer, I think she is and that’s what grandmas always think about their grandchildren. She just turned one month on the 16th, has grown and gained weight--all good stuff. Smile sweetie, we love you.

Bee & T-Bone, 1

Bee & T-Bone, 2

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