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Marriage records for three of the children of Severii Lorig

I thought these documents were worth sharing as an illustration of what the original written records look like. The first one is a copy from the parish register of Kordel and Biewer dated 26 January 1701 showing the marriages of three of the children of the then deceased Severii [Severius] Lorig. The first entry is for his son, Joannes [Johannes or Johan] who is marrying Eulolia Thespern. The second is for Anna marrying Maximus Weber and the last entry is for Anna Catharina marrying Jo’is [Joh. or Johannes] Rodt.

When I examined these I used Photoshop to inverse the original parish register negative copy to a positive form and then increased the magnification so I could read the text. I thought it was interesting to see that Joannes is labeled ‘Honestus’ [honest or upright] but Maximus is Virtuosis [upright and honorable] and Jo’is is Virtuous and Honestus. We think this may indicate some sort of social standing with Joannes being a little lower down than Maximus and Jo’is. Joannes Lorig who would be turning 21 in 1701 is labeled as “adolescens” but I think that just means young man [unmarried] not particularly underage or teenage. The other two men are also listed as adolescens. Included here is the text for the first entry only.

The text: 1701 die 26 Jani. . . Honestus adolescens Joannes [Johannes] Lorig legitimus defunti Severii Lorig filius uxor honesti Baches Thespern honesta filia [?] Eulolia attestantibus Mathias Müller et Joannes Aachen coramme Mathias Erasmi pastor corimatrimonium contractant.

My interpretation: 1701 the 26th of January, The upright young man Joannes Lorig, legitimate son of the deceased Severii Lorig takes to wife the upright Baches Thespern’s upright daughter . . . Eulolia attested or witnessed by Mathias Müller and Joannes Aachen contracted in the presence of Mathias Erasmi pastor

Marriages, Kordel and Biewer, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, 1701 for Joannes Lorig, Anna Lorig, and Anna Catharina Lorig as found on FHL #0466488

The original records were written in what is referred to as Germanic Latin a more or less standard form for church records in Germany of that time period. The script is often a mixture of Gothic and Latin as is the case here. Usually the names are written in the Latin or Roman script but you will notice that Weber is written in the Gothic style on the copy above. Click on the image to see the entire entry and to enlarge.

The same information, excluding the extra wording, is found in the familienbüch and is shown below. Familienbücher were compiled in the 1930s and 1940s therefore the handwriting is more familiar making it much easier to read.

Marriages for Kordel and Biewer, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, for Joannes Lorig and his two sisters, Anna and Anna Catharina as found in the familienbüch, FHL #1336837.

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