Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 3 update

Mother & child

I'm not sure how many people besides family look at this blog but for family and close friends here is an update on the new mom and baby.

For those asking for photos here are a few more pictures from day 3. We have been trying not to use a flash however that makes the pictures a little dark. The hospital uses Bella Baby Photographers and they got some really good pictures of G. Check with Mrs. Gimlet or Bee for the link. Their photos will be up until March 3rd.

G day 3

Curly is doing better. She has had several complications including pre-eclampsia and H.E.L.L.P. as well as an infection and losing a lot of blood because one of her clotting factors isn't working. All of these things are/were life threatening issues. She will most likely have to stay a little longer in the hospital and will need lots of help once she gets home. It is a good thing that her mom and dad are here for a week or more and Mrs. G. and I are here after they leave.

Napping again

This entire experience has made all of us so thankful for modern medical care. Bee keeps telling Curly that he is NOT going to be a single parent, she has to get better. G is doing great. She does not have the infection and her IV was removed. She is beautiful, sweet and healthy.

Curly & G

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